The condition, which is sometimes referred to as sore throat, could be caused by various reasons. A natural coolant and much hailed in the ancient Chinese medical treatises, chrysanthemum tea has a lot to offer to a regular drinker. Herbs have been used to treat various disorders and also for the betterment of health since ages. Studies conducted by Russian researchers observe that the herb is essentially adaptogenic, meaning it can help reduce sensitivity to stress and fatigue. Moreover, it is good for digestion and promotes healthy bowel functioning. Overall, it is a useful herb for diabetes and the complications that may arise from it. It is best if you drink ginger tea thrice a day, at the first sign of cold. Herbal treatments are also used for treating high blood sugar levels and diabetes. This helps keep a check on weight and also prevents obesity. It helps boost the rate of metabolism thereby increase the burning of calories in the body. Wild yam is a native of United States. Though there are certain herbs that are considered safe during pregnancy, it is not advisable to use them, without talking to the healthcare provider. The major benefit one can derive out of artichoke tea is improved overall health as it helps in strengthening the body's immune system to fight against infections and diseases in a better way. Apply this plaster on the upper right abdomen, whenever needed. It is not advisable to use prescription medication without consulting your health practitioner. It also helps bring down the cough and soothes chest pain which arises due to continuous coughing and clearing of the throat. Treating Night Sweats in Men Naturally If you wake up in the middle of the night sweating heavily, with your sleeping clothes and bedding all soaked, you're probably suffering from night sweats, which is known as nocturnal hyperhidrosis in medical terms.

You can add lemon drops and salt to ginger acupuncture pain relief pieces and bite into these pieces directly. The main symptoms of chronic bronchitis are cough and sputum production, dyspnea shortness of breath and wheezing. This will help you get rid of the bad taste.

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